Monday, March 11, 2013

IWD . . . News item.

On the International Woman's Day, I found the following news item in our local vernacular daily. Another sad state of affairs . . . The clip and the translated prose . . .

The headline says -
with human excreta on her head
There is so much a hue and cry regarding women's empowerment in our nation.  There are many programs from the government aimed to achieve this objective. There has been quite a number of changes. The government and many non-governmental organisations are working towards women's rights, empowerment, equality and freedom. However, in the midst of all these, certain regions are still in darkness. Mrs. Kunti Devi, a resident of Deori Kala village of Hussainabad block is in such darkness. Mrs. Kunti carries human excreta on her head and that is her occupation. She does this job from the very early morning every day. 
Inspite of doing this demeaning job, Mrs. Kunti does not earn more than 50-60 INR per day.  She does this job as she has no other choice. There is no work. She used to work in a presently defunct cement factory in Japla. Till the factory closed down in 1992, she had a good job. She had been knocking high and low to become beneficiary of government schemes. Her son who is a graduate is yet to get a stable job. 
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  1. Hi Jeevan. Found your blog through the A to Z Challenge. What a sad and heartfelt story. But very insightful. Thanks for sharing.

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