Monday, March 25, 2013

World Tuberculosis Day, 2013

Yesterday was World Tuberculosis Day, 2013. I've been involved directly in clinical management of tuberculosis and public health activities related to tuberculosis since 2003. And believe me . . . each succeeding year has presented a bleak future from tuberculosis. There was quite a hype about the possible chance of seeing the end of the disease during the initial years. 

The fact remains that quite a lot of people know quite less about the disease. Many of them think that it cannot do them anything. Although the number of people dying has come down, the emergence of drug resistance is a frightening prospect. It is not any more a poor man's disease

As part of the global fund efforts to combat the disease, we've been doing our small part in Palamu district. Starting from the efforts by stalwarts like Mr. Andy Eicher, Dr. Arpit Mathew, Dr. Chering and Dr. Augustine we've come a long way. We are a Tuberculosis Unit, in fact, one of the first in the public private sector. In addition, we've been mobilising the community to disseminate information and get a earlier diagnosis in the whole of Palamu district. Mrs. Julitha Tithio spearheads the efforts. 

Few snaps from the World TB Day celebrations in Palamu district. Considering into fact that this year, it fell on a Sunday and that too Palm Sunday, we focussed quite a lot in disseminating information through the churches. 

Awareness at the Cathedral, Daltonganj

Program at the CGM Prarthana Bhavan, Abadganj

The district level celebrations

Program at Chainpur

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