Saturday, March 23, 2013

Prayer Bulletin . . . 15-31 March, 2013

The second half of March 2013, has been quite a hectic one for all of us here at NJH. Starting off with a whirlwind visit to Vellore to attend the Snake Bite workshop to the last week when we expect Dr. Hiles from the UK as well as our friends, Nandamani and Ango to be with us, it has been quite busy here. 

We request your presence with us as we praise God for all his mercies as well as request your continuing prayers for us. 

1. There was a meeting of Administrators and Managers of EHA at Tezpur. 4 staff from NJH attended. We thank the Lord that the meeting was quite useful for all the staff and all the arrangements including travel went smoothly.

2. Kindly pray for 3 new staff who have joined the Community Health Department – Ms Archana, Mr. Satyaprakash and Mr. Phuldev.

3. From tomorrow, we’ve quite a lot of visitors in the hospital. Kindly pray for all the travel and stay at NJH. There are friends from Global Fund, Gideons International, Central Office-Community Health coming to visit us.

4. Drs. Nandamani and Ango would be with us for 10 days starting 24th March. Please pray for their time here. There’s quite a lot of registration for surgeries.

5. Dr. Ron Hiles and Ms. RuthAnn who have been the major driving force behind the Burns Unit would also be here during the next week. Kindly pray for patients who need specialised surgery as well as all the deliberations about the final constructions of the Burns Unit.

6. We’ve informed that we have been alloted funding for the construction of overhead water tank for the campus. We thank the Lord. Kindly pray for the process of finding the right people for doing the construction as well as all the paper work involved.

7. Tomorrow is World Tuberculosis Day. Kindly pray for our work in tuberculosis. We were also blessed by the visit of the IUATLD Regional Director, Dr. Nelvin Wilson couple of days back. 

8. We have been privileged to be part of a group of researchers led by the Christian Medical College, Vellore and the South Asian Cochrane Network Centre to look at snake bite syndromes and treatment in the country. Please pray for the effort being taken as well as for local leadership being given by NJH. 

9. We request prayers for our Community Health team. As summer approaches, it is going to be a major challenge for field workers. We are working in the areas of Disability and Climate Change.

10. We're in the process of facilitating a bigger role in Maternal and Child Health in the region along with other partners. Kindly pray for the processes involved. 

11. As mentioned in one of my previous mails, we urgently require good accommodation facilities in the campus. Please pray for the initiatives being taken. The budget is about 8,000,000 INR.

12. Please continue to remember the need of a full time Surgeon and a Paediatrician. With the slow but steady increase in our patient load, an orthopaedic surgeon and an anaesthetist will be a dream come true. 

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