Saturday, March 23, 2013

Visitors from IUATLD . . .

Starting this week, we have a constant stream of visitors to NJH. Last couple of days, we were blessed to have the Regional Director, South East Asia of the 'International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases' (Commonly known as 'The Union), Dr. Nevin Wilson and their Technical Officer, Dr. B M Prasad . 

They came to know more about the work we are doing in the Global Fund Tuberculosis Project. 

Few snaps from the visit . . . 

It was quite humbling to see Dr. Nevin walk through the very difficult and dangerous terrain of some of the most interior regions of Palamu district. They would have realised how beautiful the region looks now with the Palash trees (butea monosperma) in full bloom. 

We thank the Lord that everything went fine and the team returned to Ranchi yesterday evening. 


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  2. Dear Dr Jeevan,

    I thank you for the hospitality provided by EHA and Ms Julita Thithio during our visit to Palamu district.

    with regards
    Dr Prasad BM