Thursday, July 4, 2013

Busy, Busy . . .

Quite a few of you may be wondering why the long silence about the clinical work at NJH. It's just that it is so busy that I just don't find time to do any posting. 

The last week, we had Nandamani and Ango for 10 days. Then, Roshine had been with us since the last 2 weeks. The response from the local community was astounding. 

Nandamani and Titus

Roshine, our new consultant in Internal Medicine

Ango looks glad to be back

And we have the Regional General Body meetings . . . something I was planning to give a slip considering the amount of work we have at NJH. I'm yet to start with preparing the presentations. The only thing that is ready is the Annual Report for the previous year. 

A beneficiary farmer with his bed for Ragi

Then, there is the major work of the Community Based Adaptation towards Climate Change. We are facilitating System of Rice Intensification in about 50 acres of Satbarwa block. And about 5 acres of Ragi (finger millet) cultivation. 

Today, morning, we've had three patients in ACU who did not make it - a young boy with features of viral encephalitis, a middle aged man who had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and a Maternal death.

In addition, we have one more eclampsia patient with renal and hepatic involvement who is waiting for delivery and one middle aged lady with cobra bite on the ventilator. 

For a change, we had the cobra being brought in live to hospital. It seems that the family took the services of the traditional snake charmer to catch the culprit reptile alive. 

The snake charmer with the snake inside his bag

The live cobra

Demonstrating the fangs

I'm not sure if I would be able to post something for the next 10 days till I'm back from the RGB. Please remember the very sick patients especially the lady with the cobra bite who still is on the ventilator. The next week will be difficult, but I'm sure the Lord will see us through.

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