Friday, July 5, 2013

Thank you

2 months back, I had a very surprise call from Dr. Mathew George, the then Managing Director of Duncan Hospital, Raxaul. Raxaul had realized that they did not need the 200 KVA generator anymore as the requirement of the hospital had increased. 

And the leadership at Raxaul was kind to consider donating it to NJH. 

That was a great blessing for all of us at NJH. We have been praying for improving our electricity supply for quite a long time. 

There was a change in leadership in Raxaul and the new leadership under Col. Boby Joseph was kind enough to keep the promise.

We sent Mr. Ilias last Sunday to Raxaul to pick up the machine. 

We thank the Lord as well as each of the staff and leadership of Duncan Hospital, Raxaul for donating us the transformer. 

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