Monday, July 29, 2013

Miracle . . .

Since the last couple of days, we were debating about the spot where we would try to dig the borewell for supplying water to the new water tank.

There were varied opinions. Our previous experience has not been very fruitful. At the places we thought there would be lots of water, we did not hit the water table even after 600 feet.

Mr. Prashant and Mr. Shekhar, the staff from Sampurn Development India who was facilitating the construction of the water tank suggested that we try a place which is very near to the water tank. All of us were quite skeptic.

We had our reasons. The place was the highest point in the campus. And the traditional belief was that the whole of the campus was on top of a large piece of graphite rock. And we had seen it in one of our previous experience of trying to put a borewell.

However, we decided to go ahead.

Well, to our surprise . . . we hit water at around 80 feet and there was quite a lot of it. The team decided to dig for a total of 300 feet. And we got water at 3 levels . . .

We praise and thank God for this abundance provision of water . . . 


  1. super, super, super!

    Showers of blessings!

    So glad you did not do any 'water-dowsing' but rather prayed = and stepped forward with faith.

    God is good!

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