Saturday, July 27, 2013

Road Rash

As I had mentioned in one of my previous posts, roads in our area have been relaid since about 4 months. Which has resulted in a major spurt in accidents. Considering into fact that we do not have an orthopedician, accidents cases do not come to us as most of the time, they involve broken bones. 

Few days back, we had a major accident just about a kilometer away from the hospital. All 5 of the patients had grievous injuries. And of course, almost all had broken bones. One of the victims passed away on the way to Ranchi after we referred him for head injury. 

The accident happened when a truck driven by a drunk driver veered off the road and ploughed into a group of men and few vehicles which were parked by the side of the road. One of the vehicles was carrying oil which burst and splattered on the victims. 

Snaps from the accident site. 

One of the bikes

The Tata Magic which was on the way of the rampaging truck

The oil splattered on the road

Another mangled bike

The culprit truck

Dr. Titus was on call. However, quite a lot of the staff pitched in to tend to the injured. As most of the injured were very poor, we had to write off their bills. 

3 requirements which has come out as we went through the process of caring for these unfortunate men. 

1. The great need of an orthopedician at NJH. 

2. We are yet to have a dedicated space for severely ill patients. A full fledged space for casualty is something we need to plan. However, with no surgeon or orthopedician, I wonder how much of a utility that would turn out to be. 

3. A caucus fund to treat such patients patients. I'm sure an amount of 100,000 would be a great help. 

Couple of snaps of our team at work . . .

Drs. Shishir and Titus at work
Dr. Roshine, our Internal Medicine consultant
also helped

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  1. Road rash is no joke. My friend had a pretty bad motorcycle accident not that long ago and he was sending me out to get him Duoderm and antibacterial cream constantly. He healed up better than I thought though.