Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Urgent . . . for those from afar

One of the peculiar aspects of NJH is the huge number of patients who come from quite far. We’ve people coming all the way from Sonbhadra in Uttarpradesh, Renukhut in Madhya Pradesh, Ambikapur in Chattisgarh, Buxar and Gaya in Bihar and even Burdhamman in West Bengal.

Because of our remote location and lack of any staying facilities in the nearby villages, many of our patients find it quite difficult to regularly come to our place.

In the earlier days, there was a well run inn for such patients.

At present, we can see the ruins of this inn.

There are 3 major groups of patients who need this facility –
1.       Many of our outpatients come one day before and stay overnight before the register in the outpatient department.
2.       There are patients who need to only have long periods of dressings especially for chronic wounds without any admission as inpatients.
3.       As we are quite well known to be a good centre for obstetric care, quite a lot of families are keen to bring expectant mothers towards the date of expected delivery for a safe confinement.

An inpatient admission the latter 2 groups is a costly affair.

We plan for the following –
1.       A open space with good roofing which patients and their relatives can use to stay overnight.
2.       A space for 2 dormitories
3.       Bathrooms and toilets to cater to above 2 groups of people.
4.       Space for cooking

Below is the only present waiting space for the above 3 groups of patients.

The estimated budget for a 2000 square feet space would be about 1.5 million INR.

We earnestly look for people who could share our burden in prayers and resources.  

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