Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Praise and Prayer Bulletin, 15-31 July, 2013

Apologies for the late Praise and Prayer Bulletin. Do remember us in prayers . . . 

1. Over the last few weeks, we had been quite busy with preparations and participation in the Regional Governing Body meetings of the Emmanuel Hospital Association. It was quite a busy time. We thank the Lord that we could see through this very busy phase of work.

2. We thank the Lord for positive information about starting work of the water tank in the campus. We thank the Lord as well as the facilitating agency, Sampurn Development India, Varanasi. Today, the digging of the pits for the foundation has been started.  

3. We thank the Lord for the transformer we received from Duncan Hospital, Raxaul. Kindly pray for the processes we are taking to install it in the campus.

4. We thank the Lord for the major rise in patients which continues over the last 3 years. The trend continues. Please pray that we get more fellow labourers for quality clinical care.

5. We’ve finished one year of our Community Health Projects in the themes of Community Based Rehabilitation of the Disabled and Community Based Adaptation towards Climate Change. We are also thankful for extension of the CBR Project in our block.

6. We’ve had a major increase in staff compensations starting from April 2013. Kindly pray that we would be able to generate enough revenue to meet the increased expenses.

7. Malaria appears to have made a major comeback this year. We’ve already had couple of deaths. We also thank for patients who made it after having cerebral malaria. Please pray for protection of patients.

8. We’ve had couple of families who lost their loved ones during the last fortnight. Mrs. Suroshini Nand, Tutor in the Nursing School lost her younger brother and Mr. Joram Ekka, Support Staff lost his nephew in a road traffic accident. Kindly pray as their families go through this time of bereavement.

9. Tomorrow (25th July, 2013), we would be having our Nursing School selections. Please pray that we would get a very good batch of students. We just got information that tomorrow is a bandh. 

10. The arrival of Dr. Roshine M Koshy, Medicine Consultant has seen a major increase in our critical care patient load. Kindly pray as we plan to expand our services. This includes purchase of equipment for which our budget is about 2,000,000 INR. Kindly pray and pass on this need to those who could help us.

11. We’ve had a small hitch in one of our Income Tax dealings. Kindly pray as well settle this issue. 

12. Kindly pray for more consultants for the hospital. We pray for a orthopedic consultant and a pediatrician. Of course, a surgeon is the number one priority. 

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