Thursday, October 20, 2011

Food at NJH

Well, you may find this piece of posting a bit of an odd thing among the themes I usually write about.

This is in response to one of my friends who phoned me the other day and queried about the culinary options in our place. The place is quite famous for not getting the usual gastronomical delights which we cherish.

Many a time we wait for a trip to Daltonganj to feast on dosas, chaat etc. There are umpteen number of stories on how families used to survive on only potatoes or okra for days together. Even recently, one of my colleagues was commenting on how he and his wife was surviving only on rice and eggs as he could not find the time to go to Daltonganj and shop.

Comparing to olden days, things have improved quite a lot. Many of the things are available just outside the campus and there is a choice of vegetables to choose from. However, once in a while it becomes a bit difficult especially during the summer months.

But, when my friend called, I told him that things continue to be difficult when it came to access to food varieties.

When I came home yesterday after I had talked to my friend, there was a bit of a paradoxical statement on my dinner plate - which is put below.

For the untrained eye on Malayalee food, the items are as follows -

1. Pomfret fry: Considered a delicacy. Can cost upto 500 Indian rupees per piece in a five star hotel. Called 'avoli' in Kerala. Brought it from Ranchi couple of days back while on an official visit.

2. Beef tikka: Minced meat mixed with spice and deep fried in oil. Brought from Daltonganj and baked for 3 minutes at 300 degree celcius.

3. Beetroot patcchadi: Beetroot sliced into thin pieces and cooked in curd.

4. Yam fritters: Yam (called Chena in Malayalam) made in thick pieces and cooked dry.  

So, I've discovered that if one could plan and has a caring wife, we could have quite an array of foods accessible.

Therefore, for all of those who like to become part of our team, but hesitant because of culinary limitations, I hope that this post will encourage them to positively consider joining us.

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