Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tetanus - help from a Good Samaritan

CD who was with us for almost a month got discharged couple of days back. He was quite in a bad shape when he had come in.

It was a matter of concern for us on how he will make his way back home. He came from almost 100 kms away and it was not on the main highway. With great difficulty he arranged for food. We were quite sure that the family did not have any money.

I’m yet to see the total bill. It should be something around at least 20,000 Indian rupees excluding the medicines which also we helped him to buy. Tetanus is not a great disease to have. He took almost a month to recover, of which he was heavily sedated for about 20 days.

I come to the story on how the good Lord arranged for people to arrange for his travel back home.

I was in my office when a middle aged gentleman walked in. He did not look that rich though he could have been even poor. He told me that he was the father of a lady who had come for delivering.

I was very dismissive of him thinking that he has come to ask for some charity. Meanwhile I asked him to sit. He asked me how CD was doing. I told him he is fine but would need some more physiotherapy before he could be fully back to his normal routine.

The gentleman told me that CD was his neighbor. And also that during normal days, CD’s family had struggled for food. CD getting tetanus had made things worse. He requested me if he could allow CD to come back with him when his daughter was discharged. Thus, CD could have a comfortable ride back home.

CD (seated) with the good Samaritan (on the extreme right)

I was thrilled. It was so good to see a caring neighbor. I wish we have more people in our villages, who would care for each other especially when it came to issues of healthcare and food security. I wondered how long it has been since I’ve seen somebody offer help without being enticed for the same.

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