Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 . . . Looking forward . . .

As I sat in the watchnight service yesterday, my thoughts strayed to the dreams I have about 2012. Our time so far at NJH has been quite challenging and demanding. The possibilities in that place are umpteen. However, the challenges we've seen throughout the last year have been daunting. Few of the challenges continue to remain. As was posted in my previous post, there are so many blessings that we are thankful about.

Today morning's Sunday service really lifted up my soul. Angel's dad preached on the wedding at Cana (John 2: 1-11). Among the many other things he preached, what touched me was the challenge to unwaveringly pursue fulfilling the Lord's will in our lives during 2012.

Once more, I would like to quote one of the good old Malayalam gospel songs which has always enthralled and inspired me. The translation goes something like this.

- Oh Father in heaven, your Holy Will
- Be done in earth, as it is in heaven
- As your Son who did Your Will on earth
- I surrender myself to do your Holy Will

- Oh, My Lord, To do Your desires
- I gladly come to Thee
- My dear Lord, I do not want anything of my desires
- May I be fulfilled/content in Your desires of me

I should say that many of the newer songs would hardly stand the time nor convey the meaning that many such songs of old.

V5 is very significant. I consider it as one of the greatest statements on faith in the Bible. 'Do WHATEVER He tells you.'

We have quite a lot of dreams. Our wishlist for 2012 conveys quite a lot. Well, if there are 10 things which I would pray earnestly to happen at NJH for 2012, they would be the following -

1. A group of leaders at NJH who would see the potential of that place, be willing to go down on their knees to intercede for the Chottanagpur region and work selflessly towards the mission and vision of NJH. This process would require newer staff including consultants for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

2. Completion of the burns unit and operationalising it. We need approximately 2.5 million Indian Rupees (48,000 USDs/Euros/AUDs, 30,000 GBPs) more for completion. One of my friends has started the initial process of fund raising.

3. Upgradation of the Acute Care Unit and the theatre for laparoscopy facilities.

4. External funding for our Community Health work is drawing to a close. My dream is to synchronise the clinical work with the community health work with our own funds. It is a tough ask but I'm quite sure that this would give more ownership towards CH work from the side of the hospital as well as the community.

5. Construction of newer residential buildings including major renovation in electrical and water connections is a major need.

6. Lasting peace in the region is something we would really want.

7. A newer school bus and the roads to become better would definitely encourage more qualified staff to explore the option of staying on at NJH.

8. Construction of a 'sarai' for our patients who come from far away is a big need.

9. There is a need for extra space for the Nursing School and Hostel.

10. There has been inital discussions about the possibility of operationalising a Community College. There is a huge potential for such an effort.

There are many many more. . . Our prayer as a family and as a community is that we do not end up doing anything which is outside the will of God in 2012.

We look towards a year which is devoted to prayer. A post by Jonathan Parnell has challenged me. I hope I will live up to this New Year resolution . . . And of course there are quite a lot of people who remember us in their prayers and continue to encourage us.  We are thankful . . .    

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  1. Truly, this is the need of the hour that believers should stay in the will of God. As the psalmist says...."Teach me to do your will...". I agree to what you have have beautifully conveyed it. Thanks brother.