Sunday, January 15, 2012

Of traditional remedies for balding hair and potbellies . . .

As we sit in outpatient departments, it is quite common to see patients come for the complaints of balding and pot belly. As your sincerely has a bit of both in quite a significant amount, of late, I've not had much patients asking me about remedies for the same. 

Last week, I happened to see a youtube video about very popular remedies very much available in my home state of Kerala - and I was quite relieved. Unfortunately, the narration is in Malayalam. 

Relief because - I've quite a number of dear friends and relatives who had been bugging me to try out these remedies. And, I actually tried some for the receding hairline - which I'm sure did not do much good. However, few of my friends think otherwise. 

The business involved is in crores and if the video is to be believed the whole business is a unethical, unscrupulous and criminal. 

So, if you have a receding hairline, just take it from the Lord that you have a beautiful scalp worth public display and if you happen to have a paunch, it's a warning that you need to careful about what you eat. . . .

Well, for those who had been looking earnestly for clinical stuff, we are quite busy in hospital. There is quite a lot of action. But, I thought that this matter needs to be given a bit of publicity so that you don't waste your money on these remedies . . . 

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