Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Case discussion . . . Need suggestions

We had a 35 year old lady who came with multiple swellings of the tongue and the oral cavity. Grossly, the swelling looked vascular. Would appreciate suggestions on where she can get this managed. The family is lower middle class . . .


  1. This looks like venous malformations of the tongue and buccal mucosa.
    It is amenable to injection sclerotherapy. An MRI is needed to gauge the depth of the lesion and an interventional radiologist or a paed surgeon can do the injections under DSA and GA.
    Best referred to the experts.

  2. Sir, looks like hemangioma(?) need more evaluations and history...treatment is also controversial..don't know ho to manage in our secondary setups..oral high dose corticosteroids may help (but this is a large lesion),sclerosing agents, lastly surgical mx(high risk of masssive hemorrhage)...a similar case is described here : http://www.jsinv.org/files/lanza_and_gombos_vol2_67-71.pdf

  3. Dr. Jeevan, A maxillofacial surgeon should be called in, But a Good One...