Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Working with the differently abled . . . Opportunities

This is in continuation of my previous post on new avenues being available to be a part of us at NJH.

NJH has taken up the challenge of reaching out to People with Disabilities (PWD), whom we’ll call ‘People with Special Abilities’ or 'Differently abled' in the district of Palamu. Below is a small narrative of the project and the opportunities we could offer to young and dynamic social work professionals desiring to work among such a group of people.

GOAL: To improve the quality of life of People with Special Abilities in the district of Palamu, Jharkhand State, India through the realisation of their rights within the next 3 years.

1.       To improve access for People with Special Abilities to their rights to health, employment and community living.
2.       To facilitate inclusion of People with Special Abilities in Village Health and Sanitation Committees (VHSC) and build the capacity of VHSC to undertake community monitoring process on regular basis and make health seeking behaviour systems in communities.
3.       To empower People with Special Abilities through the formation of Self Help Groups to work towards equal opportunities in the community

TARGET AREA: 9 blocks of Palamu district with a total population of approximately 25000 Persons with Special Abilities.


  1. Project Officers (3 vacancies): Will be in charge of the project in three blocks each. She/He will be responsible for day to day functioning of the project.  They will accountable to the Project Manager who will be the leader of the team who would be responsible for the implementation of the project. In consultation with the Project Manager, they would need to develop monitoring frame work as per the LFA indicators and ensure that the reporting system is done smoothly.
  2. Occupational Therapists/Physiotherapists (2 vacancies): They will assist the project team in facilitating the access to the Persons with Special Abilities and plan for measures designed towards mainstreaming them to the social milieau of the region. 


  1. Hiiii, I am Rachel, a social worker.
    Finished from MCC in 2010
    I have been working in the Rehabilitation Institute CMC, Bagayam.

    I have leaving this place and looking for other opportunities

    Saw ur post on facebook in the MCC - SWD page

    COuld you give me more details on the project

  2. I am reading through old posts. Here in the US, calling someone who is disabled "differently abled" or "having special abilities" is not done. It's considered demeaning. Everyone is different abled and disabilities are not special abilities. We'd rather just acknowledge the disabilities as disabilities and work to make things easier for people with disabilities. When people with disabilities were first being accepted in mainstream society in the US, they did try to use the same terms to describe them but that was stopped as disabled people became empowered and decided those terms were not accurately describing them. I agree with this as a disabled person.

    I do not mean to sign this anonymously, but the system isn't letting me sign in. If you wish to contact me do so at deafgimp (at) gmail (dot) com