Sunday, July 29, 2012

Praise and Prayer Bulletin . . .30th July, 2012

1. We are thankful that the Nursing School selections went smoothly. There was no interference from anywhere. Kindly pray that we would be able to influence each of the students as they are with us for the next 2 years that they will develop the qualities of a good nurse. 

2. We thank the Lord for the major increase in all of our statistics. There has been quite a number of poor patients who've started to access us. Unfortunately, this has brought about quite a big burden of charity given for hospital bills. Kindly pray that we will be able to balance our hospital finances well. 


3. The region around the hospital has received a fairly good amount of rains. However, we understand that the rainfall pattern in the whole of the region has been very inconsistent because of which there are fears of an impending drought in some of the places. Please pray that we would have some more rains.

4. The obstetric work has increased quite a lot. As I write this, there are 4 patients with severe eclampsia who are fighting for their lives in Acute Care. Please pray that each of them will recover well. 

5. There has been a spurt in cases of acute diarrhoeal disease in the region over the last 2 weeks. Kindly pray that we would be able to control the outbreak soon. 

6. There were over 15 patients who came with accidental or suicidal pesticide poisoning over the last 2 weeks. All the patients have made it. We thank the Lord. 

7. We find quite a lot of discrimination against the girl child which gets to very terrible proportions many a time. Please pray that the girl child will be valued in our communities and families. And that we would be means of helping out families realise the importance of the girl child and improved status of women in the society.

8. The hospital is being patronised by the RSBY card-holders in a major way. We thank the Lord that we've able to cater to the poor through the RSBY. We also thank the Lord that we are part of a project on the community monitoring of the RSBY. Kindly pray that we would able to facilitate the RSBY to reach the poorest of the poor. 

9. There is a major need for more consultant staff to join NJH as well as other units of the EHA. Kindly pray that the Lord will move the hearts of qualified people. 

10. Kindly pray for a patient, Nandu Ram. Nandu Ram was in all the local papers over the last week. One of the local quacks had done an appendicectomy on him which has gown awry. He was taken to Ranchi where the doctors had given a very poor chance of survival. The local MLA requested us to take care of him and do the maximum possible. He's got admitted today morning. We pray that the name of the Lord be glorified as we care for Nandu Ram. 

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