Monday, July 2, 2012

Praise and Prayer Bulletin . . . July 1, 2012

It has been a quite busy time at the hospital. In addition to the increase in patients accessing the hospital, we had also been busy with preparations for our Annual General Body meeting which was held at Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. Below are praise and prayer items. Kindly uphold us in prayers . . .

a. During the AGB meetings of the Emmanuel Hospital Association at Ramnagar, I realized that the services that we provide in our 20 odd hospitals and work happening through 32 community health programmes are on the increase. We thank the Lord for using us for the upliftment of the poor. Along with the work load comes increased requirements of adequate and qualified manpower to provide quality services in each of our locations. Kindly pray that the Lord will move the hearts of more people to come and join the movement we are involved in. 

b. EHA has been able to influence government policies and programmes such that they benefit more of the marginalised and poor in this country. Kindly pray as our different units are involved in programmes such as the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP), the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY), Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) etc. The Clinical Establishment Act is something that is going to influence healthcare in the country over the years. Please pray for the efforts EHA is providing in the implementation of CEA. 

c. NJH has done good over the last one year. We suffered a loss of around 2 million INR over the last year. However, we are thankful that we have been a agent of transformation and relief to many a poor patient. There are quite a lot of need both in terms of personnel and infrastructure at NJH. Kindly pray that in 2012-13 we would continue to be blessing to the communities around us.

d. The spectre of a poor progress in Maternal and Child Health continues to haunt India. At NJH, we see quite a few maternal deaths. Please pray that we would be able to make progress in our care for the mother and the child so that we are assured of a healthy tomorrow. 

e. We had been blessed with heavy rains couple of weeks back for a continuous period of about 5 days. Unfortunately, it has been hot ever since. Kindly pray that the rains would continue so that there is not any remote possibility of a drought.

f. Kindly pray for the new project, 'Injot' which has been initiated in the Koel Karo region of Khunti district of Jharkhand. There are quite a lot of challenges, but the expectations are huge. Please remember the team serving the project in your prayers.

g. The invocation of the occult is something we commonly find in the region especially when there are cases of snake bites, cerebral malaria, eclampsia. Please pray that the people in the region will realize the futility of such beliefs. Many patients die as they come late to hospital after having been managed by such practices.

h. Kindly pray for protection of the staff at NJH as many a time they deal with patients whose relatives expect too much from us. 

i. There are initial discussions on couple of our doctors planning to move out for various reasons. Kindly pray as we have clarity on how and why we need to take such decisions. Do remember that we may be needing a surgeon towards the beginning of the next year (2013-14) along with already needed consultants in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. 

j. We have received clearance and a promise of funding for couple of Community Health projects in disability, climate change and community monitoring of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana. We thank the Lord. Please pray that the Lord will send us committed staff for these projects.

k. We thank the Lord that over the last week we have been having a fairly good electricity supply. However, we would still need to purchase couple of generators to tide over periods of unsure supply of electricity in the future. The expected costs are upto 1 million INR. (approx 20000 USDs / 12500 GBPs). Please also uphold the need for funds to purchase a new school bus 1.2 million INR (approx 24000 USDs / 15000 GBPs). 

l. Kindly remember the construction of the burns unit. There has been a lull in the construction because of local contractors pleading inability to facilitate the construction citing lack of equipment enough for the area of building being constructed. Please pray that we would find a breakthrough in finding the right contractors. 

Dear friends, we really value your prayers. I hope that you've seen the blog copy of our Annual Report 2012. If you would like to get a PDF copy of the same, please send me a e-mail at And if you wish to have a hard copy of the Annual Report 2012-13, if you could send me your postal addresses, we shall send the same to you.

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