Friday, November 22, 2013

24 Hours Electricity

By today evening, it will be 48 hours since we got connected to the government electricity supply which provides us with almost 24 hours of electricity. As in most parts of the country, we don't expect the supply to be there for the whole 24 hours. So far, there was a interruption of only about 2 hours. Otherwise the voltage has been very good. 

We praise God. 

And coincidentally, we got our connection on the 53rd Founder's Day (November 20th). 

There are few aspects for which we specifically want to specifically praise and thank the Lord. 

1. Not having regular electricity has been one of the reasons why quite a few staff did not stay on at NJH. Now, that is going to be old story. 

2. We have an exclusive connection to the hospital now. The village connection is separate. Earlier, the nearby village and the hospital had shared the same transformer and that caused a lot of problems. 

3. Along with the new connection, the electricity board was kind enough to remove all the high tension wires which crisscrossed the campus. 

4. Almost all of our voltage stabilizers are of no use. Because the voltage is too good. We praise God. 

5. The best of all . . . We did not pay any speed money for obtaining the exclusive High Tension Connection and our own transformer. So, we can get things here without bribes. We praise God that we found favor in the eyes of many an official of the Jharkhand Electricity Board. Of course, there were times, when there was quite a lot of pressure to make some payments to speed up the process. We thank the Lord that we could hold on to our principles. 

I thank the Lord for the maintenance department under the leadership of Dinesh who worked worked untiringly and generously in spite of many setbacks and challenges. 

We've ended up spending almost 700,000 INR to get the infrastructure that has facilitated the process of exclusive and seamless connection. So far, we've spend all this from funds generated from patient care. We pray that we would be able to receive gifts from friends and well-wishers to recover this spending so that we can spend more on patient care.

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