Monday, November 18, 2013

Shadow of death . . .

Since yesterday night, we are sitting on tenterhooks regarding the second patient whom I mentioned in my last post.

It’s more than 24 hours since this lady came in. Her haemoglobin had been around 5 gm% for almost the whole of her antenatal period. She had a Cesarian section after she had eclampsia. Unfortunately, the baby died soon after birth.

It’s been two years. After she got pregnant, the family had been taking her for regular antenatal care in the nearby town. There is mention of her low haemoglobin during each of her visit and Iron appears to have been prescribed.

She’s come in labour yesterday. We had wanted to do a Cesarian section as I felt that there was not much space for the baby to come and there was grade 2 meconium. Her haemoglobin was 4.6 gm%. We told the family that we would touch her only after the family arranges at least 2 pints of blood.

The relatives are yet to arrange blood. But, the lady’s found favour with the Almighty. We were quite worried and could only pray.

She delivered normally late yesterday night . . . of course, the baby was severely IUGR. The labour room team worked hard to ensure that there was not much bleeding.

The problem is the haemoglobin. Today morning, I did it just to find out how it was. She looks a bit uncomfortable. It was just 2.6 gm%.

I can only pray that at least one pint of blood comes before she goes into a hemodynamic complication . . . Once again, another case which would have benefited from UDBT.

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