Sunday, November 17, 2013

Urrgghh . . . UDBT

From today, we start a unique experiment with regard to first calls in NJH. It's just Dr. Shishir and me for taking first calls for the next one week. The arrangement is that we are going to do alternatively 12 hours of first call . . . The reason being that both of us in the wrong side of 35 seems to do better with periods of 12 hour rest. 

May sound a bit hilarious, but I thought that the harsh early winter and our poor respiratory systems would benefit from such a system of taking calls. 

Leave that alone . . . I wanted to talk about UDBT again. Oh . . . how I wish that this was legal? 

The story was that we had a lady with a rupture uterus today afternoon, KD, who had a hemoglobin of 7 gm%. She was hemodynamically stable. We got assurance from the relatives that they would arrange for blood from Daltonganj as soon as possible. 

The relatives were quite a few and therefore we thought that we would get the blood soon and we decided to take her up for surgery. Dr. Shishir did the surgery and the post-operative period was uneventful. However, the promised pints of blood never came. 

As soon as KD's surgery was over, we had another lady with a rupture uterus, SD, who also a very similar history. 

The team on duty was busy managing SD. It was only late evening that we realized that KD's blood never reached. Then, our nurses started asking them about what was happening about the pints of blood. Then to our chagrin, we found out that KD's relatives have not even gone to Daltonganj for getting blood. We had given them a request at 2:30 pm and while this was going on, it was past 8 pm. 

I came to know that there was a problem at around 10 pm, when the Acute Care nurse called me saying that there was fellow shouting and threatening everybody. 

I reached the Acute Care to find out a burly middle aged man in a agitated state. He wanted to know who ran the hospital and who the doctor was. He said to me that he will ensure that we drew blood. He then threatened to file a case against me for obstructing blood donation in the hospital. 

He went on ranting. I thought it was a matter of time before he hit me. I thought I'll give him a chance to slap me. Maybe, this was the moment I would get to bring up UDBT into the headlines of the country's media. 

That was when the whiff of country liquor clouded my senses. The fellow was drunk. The sniffles of winter had kept the smell of alcohol in his breath away from me. 

I remarked to a onlooker on how a drunk can be allowed into the hospital. The mention of the word 'drunk' had him make a hasty retreat. 

However, I'm still in a quandary. I've a rupture uterus lady with 7 gm% hemoglobin operated upon without a chance of getting even a pint of blood in the next 12 hours. I can only pray that she'll make it through the night. 

After the drunk relative was gone, I called another relative who was thankfully sober and explained about the problem. He apologized for allowing the drunk fellow come in. But, it was too late into the night. The dipping temperatures and the possibility of being looted ensured that no vehicle owner was ready to ply till early morning. 

Before I end, the common history of SD and KD. 

Both of them had delivered by Cesarian sections before. Their families were attempting home deliveries since yesterday night. In fact, KD's relatives told me that her abdomen was been regularly massaged since the last 2 days and it was so surprising that the baby did not deliver normally. 

I told KD's relatives that I find it surprising that KD is alive. 

Please pray that the relatives will get blood by early morning. 

And also a wish that UDBT would soon be legal for hospitals such as ours . . .

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