Sunday, November 24, 2013

Praise and Prayer Bulletin, November 2013

1. We thank the Lord for the 24 hours electricity supply we have since the last week. 

2. Almost all of our high risk patients survived and went home well. We thank the Lord that that we've been used to be a blessing in the lives of these patients. We specially thank the Lord for the baby whom we could save after a rupture uterus. However, we're very well also aware that we would do better with specialists in the areas of obstetrics and pediatrics. Please pray. 

3. We thank the Lord for the success we've had with the Finger Millet cultivation and the SRI Method of Rice Cultivation which we did as part of the project on Community Based Adaptation towards Climate Change. Please pray for the efforts we take to promote millet (rather, reintroduce) in the community. 

4. We thank the Lord for the Mr. Ashurosh (Pharmacist) and his wife Mrs. Tabitha (Staff Nurse) who joined us since last week. Please pray that the Lord will bless them and they would be a blessing to the hospital and the community. 

5. Duncan Hospital, Raxual has been kind enough to depute Mr. Shivnath, laboratory technician as we have a shortage of lab technicians. We thank the Lord for the Mr. Shivnath's life as well as pray that the Lord will bless him. 

6. We thank for the Lord for Dr. Titus and his wife, Dr. Grace. Kindly pray for them as they plan for the future, especially post-graduate studies. 

7. We thank the Lord for the smooth construction of the water tank. The contractors plan to complete the construction by the end of this year. 

8. There were 2 of our staff families who were blessed with babies over the last couple of weeks. Mrs. Sudha (staff nurse) was blessed with a baby boy. Mr. Rajeev (laboratory technician) was blessed with a baby girl. We thank the Lord that both the deliveries were uneventful. 

9. Please pray for the financial needs of the hospital. The new transformer and the high tension electricity connection has been a major financial burden for the hospital. In addition, we need to upgrade the Acute Care Unit, put in place a new Hospital Information System, construct the Sarai and at least couple of new residential apartments for our staff. 

10. We look forward for new consultants in the specialties of General Surgery, Obstetrics and Pediatrics to join us. Please pray and pass the message along. 

11. We appear to be heading into a very harsh winter. We already temperatures dipping to as low as 5 degree Celsius. Please pray for the health and protection of the staff.

12. Please pray for couple of our staff who are sick. 

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