Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lucky us . . .

Today morning, I read an article about cost of medical graduate studies in the United States. 

That was the time, I thought about calculating how much I had spent for my studies in Medical College, Trivandrum. I was a day-scholar. The total costs did not cross 40,000 INR (approximately 1000 USD according to exchange rates at that time). 

That was 1995-2001. 

I thought about looking at latest costs. My colleague, Dr. Titus had done his MBBS during 2005-11. The total costs just crossed 100,000 INR (approximately 2000 USD according to exchange rates then).

Well, I need not voice it out. 

One can only think about the umpteen number of MBBS graduates from third world countries such as India who have enriched healthcare in countries such as the US. And of course, the umpteen come from the sparse numbers who pass out of Medical Colleges in such countries. 

The sad question is - 'At whose expense?' 

And considering the article, the graduates from the developing countries have a head start to the American graduates who are deep in debt when they start their career in medicine. 

I could be prejudiced by the article I mentioned. Would value enlightenment if I'm wrong. 

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  1. When I see the cost of my Eng. college expenses then I myself cannot believe it.
    Good that children are looked after till they graduate.