Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little rats, rather mice . . .Need help

One of the stories that used to really stir our imaginations during my childhood was that of the Pied Piper of Hamelyn. I used to really think about myself as the Pied Piper who would lead all sorts of animals with different tunes from my imaginary flute.

Well, of late, I really wish I had the powers of the Pied Piper. Because, we have been facing a real challenge with a sudden spurt in the population of rats and mice in the hospital as well as in our residences. Dealing with rats is not that difficult – they are quite large and eat poisoned baits as well as are easily trapped.

The problem is with the small mice. I never thought we had a major problem till last week, when our maid told me that a lot of clothes were being damaged. I was quite busy with work, till she kept 3 killed mice for me to see.

The next day, my fur-phobic better half was after me to clean up couple of old boxes in which we had kept a water hose and some footwear. Well, it was a revelation. In fact, we realized that we were a breeding station for mice.

After that we had a major discussion about how to control these pests. Nobody had much of a clue. I tried to put powdered poison – but these mice did not eat any of those. Suggestions are invited from our well-wishers on how to control these little pests.


  1. Better way, Don't kill them collect them on paper
    put the paper in open space, the crows will and have a feast to them. In yhis way you are not going to kill directly, but offering good food to crows on the eve of Merry Christmas. Have a nice day.

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