Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Praise and Prayer Bulletin - 20 Dec 2011

1. We praise the Lord for LO and SK, both children with tetanus who made remarkable recoveries and have been discharged.

2. There has been a situation of unrest in the region over the last month. There were about 12 days of total shutdown which affected hospital work to quite an extent. In addition, there were patients like RD who died because of inability to go ahead after referral. Please pray that there would be everlasting peace in the region.

3. Tuberculosis continues to ravage the country, especially our region. As a Tuberculosis Unit, we are looking at new strategies to address this terrible scourge. We praise for the team led by Dr Johnson as well as requests prayers for the future.

4. We have seen a spurt of patients with alleged history of poisoning. Most of them could be successfully saved but there were few of them like CD who did not make it. We are not able to do full justice to most of these patients as the part related to counselling them does not happen many a time. Please pray that we would be able to respond to such cases more positively.

5. We praise the Lord for the 3 very sick pregnant patients whom we were able to save over the last 2 weeks. SDe, who had come in with a very bad eclampsia with pulmonary edema was a miracle. She was in the ventilator for 5 days. She is doing well and would be discharged tomorrow. SeeD also has improved although she has a bad vesicovaginal fistula. She has run up a bill of about 40,000 which I'm definite that her family would not be able to pay. SeeD was also in the ventilator for 3 days. SakD, the patient with the rupture uterus had a very uneventful recovery.

6. Please pray for the families of ND, who died unexpectedly after malaria complicating pregnancy and RD, who had severe eclampsia. There needs to be quite a lot to be done in public healthcare in this region before we can think about preventing such unnecessary deaths.

7. We've been seeing quite a number of sick malaria patients over the last 1 month. It is quite unusual to see such patients during this winter. Please pray for protection for our staff. As well as ability to treat such patients when they come to NJH.

8. We organised a Christmas get-together for our neighbours around the hospital campus, which was well attended. Initially, there was quite a lot of apprehensions about hosting such a programme. We praise God for the response from the local community. We request special prayers as we plan for a more closer interaction with the community we serve.

9. Along with the rest of India, Jharkhand has also been severe affected by severe cold. According to the press, about 50 people have lost their lives in Jharkhand. But, our friends in the villages tell us that it is only the tip of the iceberg. The poor are really hit by the cold. Kindly pray that the cold wave will subside and that there would not be any deaths.

10. The hospital celebrates Christmas on the 22nd December with a dinner and on 27th December with the staging of the Christmas play. Kindly pray for all the arrangements. Quite a lot of staff and families are away during Christmas. Please pray for all their travel. In addition, the hospital functions with skeleton staff. Kindly remember Drs Nandamani and Ango who have been shouldering clinical work since the 17th. Dr Johnson would join work from 23rd December.

11. Last week, we were able to install 2 Multipara Monitors, thanks to a kind donation from churches in the United Kingdom through Dr. Colin Binks. We thank the Lord as well as all the donors. We have already used it well.

12. In response to our wish list for 2012, we've started to recieve quite a few donations. We thank the Lord for all the donations and well as pray that more gifts will follow soon.

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