Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanking you . . .

This post is quite special to us at NJH.

The blog is to thank the support we received from 4 churches in the United Kingdom through Dr. Colin Binks, our former surgeon who is now back in the UK.

The 4 churches who sent the generous donations are
St. Francis’ Church, Westborough, Guildford, UK;
St Clare’s Church, Park Barn, Guildford, UK;
Castle Square United Reformed Church, Treforest, UK;
St Mary’s Church, Ash Vale, UK

So, what have we brought?

1.   Ventilator: Costing about 150,000 Indian Rupees (INR), the machine has already been a life saver for quite a number of patients, prominent of them being SeeD and SDe both of whom were near maternal misses, and SK, who was bitten by a Bengal monitor. We’ve had some more donations from couple of our friends which would help us to buy on more of this type of ventilator soon. We praise God for this machine.

The ventilator and the multipara monitor in the theatre

2.   Multipara monitors: A basic need for management of a sick patient, we could buy 2 of these machines recently – thanks to this donation. Since it automatically monitors pulse rate, blood pressure and saturation – it decreases the work load of the Acute Care Unit and theatre nurses. The 2 machines together cost 130,000 INR. We require couple of more these machines for the theatre and the Acute Care Unit.

The ventilator (same one as the snap above) and the multipara monitor being used on SDe.

3.   HbA1C machine (Nycocard reader): We’ve been having quite a lot of diabetic patients. HbA1C being one of the latest parameter we use to monitor blood sugar control in diabetes patients – we took a decision to get a machine. It has proved to be a big boon for our clinical work for 2 reasons. The costs at Daltonganj for the same test vary from 700 to 1200 INR. We’re able to do the same for a cost of 350 INR. The costs of the machine which is also able to do Urine Microalbumin, C-Reactive Protein and D-dimer is about 45,000 INR.

Mr Anil Nand, our senior lab technician with the HbA1C machine

4.   Electrical Back-Up: One of the major challenges we face at NJH is the poor electricity supply in terms of both quantity and more importantly quality. There is quite a lot of fluctuation and there is a time gap when we switch on the generators when there is a cut in government electricity supply. So, after much discussions, we decided to install power back up in the form of invertors and stabilizers in the Acute Care Unit and the Theatre. In addition, there has been a long standing request from Nursing School Hostel for an inverter for round the clock electricity supply in the corridors and washrooms especially during the night. The total cost of the electrical back up was about 70,000 INR

Invertor and stabiliser in the acute care unit

Invertor in the theatre. There is a stabiliser too which was out of the frame

Invertor in the nursing school
The donation has made quite a lot of difference in the patient care at NJH and the comfort of the boarding facilities of our nursing students. We praise and thank God for each of the donors who made a contribution as well as Dr Colin Binks who facilitated the same. We pray that the Lord will bless them for their generosity.

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