Sunday, April 1, 2012

Neonatal Care at NJH . . . cont'd

After the initiation of regular service of the NICU after Wendy and Jerry's last visit to NJH, we've had a steady stream of neonatal admissions all through the last month.

Dr Johnson has been kept really busy. We've already set into motion plans to upgrade facilities fast. Over the last month (March 2012) we had 40 admissions - which is quite a good number by our standards. 

Today, we've 4 babies - all of them who were quite sick or was sick at some point of time - - 

1. PD's baby - 1500 gms born at 34 weeks gestation. Doing well. 

2. KD's baby - Severe meconium aspiration. Uncertain history. Grade 3 Meconium with staining of uterus with meconium. Initially poor maintenance of saturation. Offered referral to Ranchi. Did not accept. Has improved quite well. 

3. SD's baby - Preterm, delivered by Cesarian section yesterday. Grade 3 Meconium stained amniotic fluid. Uncertain history. Poor maintenance of saturation. Offered referral to Ranchi. Did not accept. Continues to have episodes of apnea and poor saturation. 

4. LD's baby - I had mentioned about LD in one of my previous posts. Has made a remarkable recovery. Should be discharged soon. 

5. RM's baby - Birth weight of 4.5 kgs. Was kept for observation. Would be moving out soon. 

In addition, we've a mother at 35 weeks who's just come in with findings suggestive of intrauterine growth retardation, severe oligohydramnios and leaking since 18 hours. We've offered a referral to Ranchi considering into fact that they appear quite well off. But, they have not taken . . . She would be delivering soon . . . which means, one more admission. 

Well for those who would like to help us out, our immediate requirements are as follows - 

1. Infant cots: 6 nos
2. Infant warmers: 6 nos
3. Phototherapy units: 6 nos
4. Pulse-oximeter for infants: 10 nos
5. Infusion pumps: 6 nos
6. Infant ventilator: 2 nos

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