Saturday, April 14, 2012

Praise and Prayer Bulletin. . .15th April, 2012

1. We thank the Lord for the safe delivery of Dr Angeline. Our third one, Chesed Tabitha Kuruvilla arrived after a very short period of labour pains at 8:35 pm on the 11th April. Please continue to pray for Mrs. Chandrakala and Mrs Kanchan who are also expecting within the next 2 weeks.

2. We praise God for the healing given to BS, who was unconscious for almost a week (We had done a lumbar puncture on him and there is a snap of cobweb appearance). He had to be put in ventilator for a day. It is such a blessing to see him smile as we go for rounds each day.

3. Our RSBY work is going in full swing. We had our first patient with a snake bite who was treated successfully using RSBY Smart Card facilities. Please also pray for the 8 year old girl who has been admitted with the snake bite.

4. All of our obstetric patients who came over the last week have recovered well, including MD have recovered without much complications. We thank the Lord. However, we have yet one more patient AD who is quite a bad shape after surgery today. Please pray that she would make a miraculous recovery. Dr Nandamani did surgery on her. The uterus was very friable with a bad peritonitis. She is on ventilator and ionotropes. 

5. The Clinical Establishment Act is in the process of being implemented in Jharkhand. There are quite a lot of implications for institutions such as ours. We need more staff with qualifications. Kindly also pray that there would be separate regulations for rural institutions such as ours. 

6. Dr Ango is on her way today night to attend to her DipNB Practical Examinations at Nagpur on the 17th April. Kindly remember her and Dr Nandamani as they travel.

7. The electricity problem in the region continues to be in a bad shape. We need almost 150 litres of diesel every week to ensure round the clock electricity supply to the hospital and about 10 hours of supply to the residences. Please pray that there would be improvement in electricity supply. 

8. We thank the Lord that the repairs are happening on the road to Daltonganj. Please pray that the repairs would be completed soon. 

9. Tuberculosis continues to be one of our major concerns. The load of patients whom we see baffles me and I'm quite concerned about what is happening with regard to development of resistance due to partial treatment. I pray that someone will be burdened to develop a Respiratory Diseases Centre at NJH. Considering that we are already a Tuberculosis Unit, there is a huge potential.

10. The Burns Unit construction is going on in a full swing. We praise God for the funds received so far. We are also getting quite a few patients whom we've managed well... We thank the Lord for all of those who have supported us so far. We need more committed staff to manage a full fledged burns unit. Please pray. . . 

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