Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RSBY National Workshop . . . Missed it . . .

I've had been looking forward to participate in the RSBY National Workshop at Ranchi since the day I found about the same. Well, ultimately I could not attend it as we expect our third little one anytime. . . I did not want to be caught being away when the new arrival happened and therefore decided to stay at NJH . . . As I write this, Mr. Somesh, Deputy Director, Community Health, EHA as well as our point person for RSBY at EHA would be presenting about the EHA contribution to RSBY at the Workshop. . .

I had planned to go if I got a chance. So, I was also ready with a presentation which I sent to Somesh. I wonder if he had presented it. Below are the slides which I planned to present. Most of them are self explanatory. . . Enjoy . . 

The full story in my blog

Food in RSBY had been an attraction at NJH

A poster case for RSBY. More details in my blog about RKS.

A major deterrent to the smooth functioning of the scheme.
65250 INR is the amount for which claims had been submitted  21 days before.
After this slide was made, we had received an additional 2250 INR
I'm sure that the workshop would be a learning experience to all of us. I wish that some of the learning would be shared in a e-network. I would be more interested in the challenges. 

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