Friday, December 28, 2012

Photo Post . . . 28 Dec 2013

Miscellaneous snaps taken by our staff . . .

Recently few of our staff spotted Bison at the Betla National Park (courtesy: Mr. Abinash Biswal)

Another couple seen by the same group (courtesy: Mr. Abinash Biswal)

Dentition of one of our patients . . . Believe me, this is his normal look (courtesy: Dr Nandamani)
Another snap with the fog in the background (courtesy: Dr Nandamani)

Oral cancer with extensive spread (courtesy: Dr Nandamani)

Snap taken when the roof of the burns unit was being laid . . . (courtesy: Dr Nandamani)

Skin graft which has well taken up . . . (courtesy: Dr Nandamani)

Christmas celebrations in Community Health Department

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