Saturday, December 1, 2012

Praise and Prayer Bulletin . . . 1 Dec, 2012

We've reached the fag end of an year which has been a year of happenings at NJH. Please join us in thanking the Lord for the blessings as well as joining hands to pray for us and the needs of the place. 

1. Last week, we had a big lot of hospital furniture including new operation table and lights, fowler beds for the acute care unit etc. come by truck all the way from Delhi. We thank the Lord that everything came safely without damage. 

2. The load on the acute care unit is increasing as each day progresses. There has been quite a lot of patients who made it in spite of being at the edge for days together. We especially thank the Lord for the healing. At the same time, we need more qualified and skilled staff to man the acute care unit. We also explore ways to expand the facilities for intensive care. 

3. There has been a spate of patients with deliberate self harm through poisoning over the last week. We explore ways to minister to them. 

4. Malnutrition is a major issue in Jharkhand. There's a meeting arranged for the same in Ranchi on the 7th Dec. Please pray for the same. 

5. Over the next two days, we would be putting the concrete roof of the burns unit building. We request your prayers for smooth proceedings. 

6. We thank the Lord for the life of Mrs. Lucia Leela, mother of Mrs. Julita, one of our staff. Mrs. Lucia went to be with the Lord yesterday. Please remember the family in your prayers. The funeral went off smoothly today afternoon.

7. Over the next two weeks, quite a few of our staff would be travelling to attend couple of meetings at Herbertpur and Delhi. Kindly pray for journey mercies as well as for the meetings. 

8. Please remember our nursing school students in your prayers. Quite a few of them face difficulties in their studies. The problems stem from poor quality of school education which these students undergo before coming to us. 

9. Next week, we are going to be short of doctors. Please pray that the rush will be manageable. We've requested for help but is yet to receive a positive response. 

10. Many of our staff would be travelling over the next few weeks as part of their Christmas vacation. Kindly pray for their journey mercies. Do also remember the team who would be holding fort at the hospital. 

11. Please continue to remember in your prayers the need for consultants in surgery, medicine and paediatrics. 

12. Alcohol is an issue among few of the staff families. We pray that there will be a transformation among these families. We've tried to approach them to help them out. But, the staff appears to be quite uninterested. Please pray. These families especially the children are facing the consequences.

13. Tertiary obstetric care continues to challenge us and stretch our limits. However, the presence of the grace of our Lord has been amazing. We especially thank the Lord for the miraculous healing given to Mrs. GD and Mrs. SD.

14. Please pray for Mr. Nainshuk Minz, one of our local pastors who has End Stage Renal Disease. He is at present in Vellore and exploring various treatment options. 

15. The first cycle of the RSBY program in the Palamu district is coming to a close. We thank the Lord that we could serve quite a number of poor patients by being empanelled under the RSBY. 

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