Friday, December 14, 2012

Praise and Prayer Bulletin . . . 15 Dec, 2012

Please join us to rejoice in the Lord and to continue looking to him for guidance and grace . . . 

1. Over the last 2 weeks we've had quite a number of very sick patients who have been completely healed in spite of very being very seriously ill. We thank the Lord for each one of them. 

2. We thank the Lord for the project on empowering persons with disability which we've started since the last 3 months.  Specifically, we thank the Lord for the program we could conduct to observe World Disability Day. 

3. There has been a delay in the putting the concrete roof of the Burns Unit building. It should be happen in the next couple of days. Kindly pray that there would not be any rain and that everything would occur smoothly. 

4. Last week, there were quite a few of our staff who travelled to meetings in Herbertpur and Delhi. The meetings were very useful. And all of them had a comfortable and  safe journey. We thank the Lord.

5. We have taken a decision to start exploring screening for Cancer Cervix. Over the last 3 years, we know about 4 ladies who died of Cancer Cervix in Tumbagara village. We suspect that the incidence is quite high. Kindly pray for the efforts being taken. Dr Kumudh would take leadership in the same. 

6. There are quite a number of cases of polytrauma following road traffic accidents which are on the increase. We dream and pray that we would have an orthopedic consultant with the necessary facilities. 

7. Please continue to pray for staff who would be travelling on holiday during the Christmas season. Over the next week, we would be having various programs to celebrate Christmas. Prominent would be the program that we plan to have for the surrounding villages on the 20th December, where we would be sharing the joy of Christmas with our neighbours and later on 22nd December, when the staff get together for the Christmas dinner. Please pray for all the arrangements planned. 

We wish you all a blessed time during Christmas . . . 

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