Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Broken bones

One of the major changes in the profile of patients that we have been receiving of late is the major increase in road traffic accidents and of course the increase number of patients who come with fracture.

The major reason is obvious. The roads have become much better over the last 6 months. And vehicles move more faster than they used to earlier.

Day before yesterday, we had a passenger autorikshaw which went off the road. And there were 3 patients who had fractures of some sort.

And this is the time, we wish that we have an orthopaedician in our team.

Today morning, I had to go to Daltonganj for some work. In the 25 kilometer stretch, we had 2 accidents which happened over the last 24 hours. 

Considering into fact the recent new arrivals in the team at NJH, we are confident that we're in a better position to have more specialists coming in. And during 2013, an orthopedic consultant in the team would be a major item for prayer. 

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