Saturday, April 27, 2013

Information Technology

I got quite a few enquiries on what an Information Technology Manager would be doing in a place like ours. So, here is a brief write up of things he plan to do. 

1.    Allocation of workstations across the departments in wards, consultation rooms, labs, x-ray and nursing stations.
This will distribute the work on the HMS evenly across the departments thus reducing the load and chances of error at the billing. It will also offer past diagnostic details of patients for consultants and for Labs, x-ray and ultrasound departments.
2.  IT Training for staffs and nursing students.
This intends to sensitize the employees and the students about the role of IT and give them hands on training on HMS modules.
3.  Modeling of a new RSD( requirement specification document) for a new HMS and its implementation.

Bringing a new system requires planning and the RSD aims to give a clear view of our requirements thus making clear the developers our needs.

4.  Setting up of a new server that can take the load of 40 workstations.

If workstations are allocated across the departments, a server upgrade is a definite necessity. This server will be a dedicated server for the HMS.

5.  Setting up of a communications server for intra-unit communications.
We also plan to setup proper communications network for file transfer, internet sharing and intra communication services. At present there is no internet gateway server and so security is at risk. With the implementation of the communication server, internet access will be filtered and secure in the network.
6.  Setting up a proper server management. This includes a cooling system such as an air conditioner, server racks and server security software.
Server management is one of the most important aspects of maintaining information systems. With introduction of a cooling system, the server temperature can be maintained below the critical temperature. Also server racks will help in keeping dirt away from the server components and out of touch from unauthorized access.

We already had a glimpse of what the future could be. The major thing I'm looking at is helping the patient go home as soon as possible after meeting the doctor. 

We've already started to bring in changes. The major hurdle is the funds involved. The total estimate to revamp the entire system and bring in all the above changes is about 2 million Indian Rupees. (25,000 GBPs or 40,000 USD/AUD/Euros)

We would welcome suggestions as well as prayers. Please do remember that we're trying to implement this in a resource poor region, which means that we would be looking at the option of external funding. 


  1. IT in health industry is the next revolutionary thing..The EMR and EHR !

  2. Hi Jeevavan,

    Does a real HMS needs quite a lot of funds ? We do not think it is true,
    with the advent open source technologies and product models, the investment can be 25% of what you expecting to be. I sent an email to you and would be happy to talk to you.