Friday, April 19, 2013

Miracle of the night

After quite a long period of a lull in high risk obstetrics, we've had something to cheer about tonight. 

And it was extra-special after we had a dubious record of 3 maternal deaths happening over a period of 72 hours. I shall definitely post about that later. But, before that, the cheerful item. 

If you look carefully the baby above, you'll notice that the right hand and left leg are swollen. In fact the right posterior aspect of the head is also swollen up, which was not captured in the snap. 

This baby's mother had been in active labour since late evening yesterday. Deep within the jungles of the Palamu Tiger Reserve somewhere near Garu, it took the family almost a whole day to realise that she would not deliver normally like her previous 4 pregnancies. 

The family took her to the Catholic dispensary nearby from where the sisters brought her here. 

It was a compound presentation. The right hand and left leg were already hanging out of the vagina and the head was pressing hard on it. 

We did the surgery within an hour. 

The mother is anemic. We're yet to get blood. The baby has aspirated quite a lot of meconium. 

Kindly pray that there would not be any further complications. 

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