Thursday, April 25, 2013

Praise and Prayer Bulletin, 16-30 April, 2013

Our latest Praise and Prayer Bulletin . . .

 1. We thank the Lord for the new faces that joined us. The team is quite energetic and young. Please pray that we would not be discouraged by the challenges, but be enthusiastic about the possibilities and attentive to the hearing the Will of God for this place as well as the staff.

 2. We specifically thank for Ms. Meghala, who joined as administrator. As mentioned in a previous post, she comes with a vast experience. Please pray that she would remain encouraged and accepted by all.

 3. We thank the Lord for the changes we are planning in the IT Department under the leadership of Mr. Jonathan. There is a need to computerize our services to a higher level so that we can serve our patients faster. We need about 1,000,000 INR to make this a reality. Please pray for Jonathan who is leading the effort.

 4. Over the last weeks, quite a lot of us were doing quite a lot of travelling. We thank the Lord for keeping all of us safe.

 5. We thank the Lord for the progress we’ve made in the burns unit. We’ve had a steady rise in the number of patients. Please pray for funds to complete the unit (2,000,000 INR) as well as funds to subsidize care (approximately 2,500,000 INR per year).

 6.We thank the Lord that we continue to remain empanelled with RSBY. We started the cycle for the year 2013-14 from today. Please pray that through RSBY, we would be a great blessing for the region especially the poor.

 7. We’ve 7 students who would be with us for about a week from Monday next accompanied by Dr. Shubhankar Mitra, consultant, Medicine4, Christian Medical College, Vellore. We pray that they would be a blessing to the region.

 8. The audit of the hospital finances starts in couple of days. Please pray for the processes involved.

 9. The first visit from the donors of the project on Community Based Rehabilitation and the Community Based Adaptation towards Climate Change is scheduled from May 1 to 3. Kindly pray for the travel of the team as well as the planning of the visit.

  10. We thank the Lord for the very good climate that we’ve been enjoying over the last week. The summer has been less harsh so far.

  11. Please pray for more consultants to join us. We are looking at the option of new consultants in Pediatrics, Orthopaedics and Surgery.

  12.   We’ve started to get cases of Malaria. Please pray for protection for staff from the disease. 

  13. Over the time, we've been involved in Palliative Care in some form or the other. Kindly pray as we take a decision about formalising the program. 

  15. Human trafficking is a major issue in our region. Please remember Injot, our sister project in Khunti district who are directly involved in this issue. 

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