Thursday, April 11, 2013


Yes . . . You did not reach it wrong. It is not BARFI. 

Started off in response to an exhortation by the former President, Mr. Abdul Kalam, to the graduates of the Indian Institutes of Technology, the concept is quite exciting for development agencies who are at a loss when it comes to equipping the rural uneducated school drop outs. 

Last week, we had a visit from Mr. Yogesh and Mr. Anuj of PARFI exploring partnership towards facilitating rural youth to enrol in their Gurukuls. 

Mr. Yogesh and Mr. Anuj interacting with the Community Health staff
I'm quite excited about this venture. More so as we are also in the process of setting up a Community College where school drop-outs from the surrounding communities will be imparted skills whereby their value is enhanced. 

And this would be a major intervention when we take into account the huge amount of migration that happens in this region. The issue is not with the migration . . . the issue is with the unskilled work force who go on migration and ends up being exploited. 

As part of the process, a team of our staff and local village leaders would be visiting a Gurukul in Gumla next Saturday. I shall definitely post snaps and a post after the visit

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  1. exhortation! :) LOL. Good initiative and nice to see efforts being put into such initiatives!