Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tiger spotted . . .

We've great news in the wildlife front from the Palamu Tiger Reserve, which is about 10 miles from our place. Newspapers reported today about a tiger being snapped up by the automatic camera within the reserve. 

English translation: The camera trap at Palamu Tiger Reserve, Betla took the snap of a tiger on last Sunday at 9:41 pm. The forest staff has identified the tiger to be 'Maharaja'. Previous to this, the camera trap had photographed a tiger on 21st February. Over the last 2 months, tigers have been spotted thrice in the Betla National Park. It is difficult to comment on how many tigers are there. But there are tigers here.

By the way, we would going there along with the students from the Christian Medical College, Vellore sometime this week. The students are visiting us for a week under the secondary hospital program. Dr. Shubhankar Mitra from Medicine 4 is the consultant in charge.   


  1. Tigers so close!
    Stay safe!
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. :)

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