Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cerebral Malaria .. .. ..

Mr. R coaxing his son Mr. P to smile as I took his snap
Talking about ventilators, one of our latest success stories is that of Mr. P who was in the ventilator after he was diagnosed to have Cerebral Malaria. When Mr. P came about a week back, very few of us had much hope his surviving.

To make matters worse, when we intubated Mr. P, we found out that he had a wedge of turmeric wedged in his throat. Apparently, his relatives had put the turmeric piece in between his teeth when he had a seizure.

It was almost fatal.

Mr. P was in the ventilator for about 2 days. However, he made a remarkable recovery. Another of the umpteen patients who are alive just because of the cheap anesthesia ventilators we have at NJH.

In addition, Mr. P's father, Mr. R was also diagnosed to have Falciparum malaria one day after his son was admitted. It was a joy to see both of them doing well. 

Nevertheless, as I mentioned in my previous post, of late, we have been having patients who would have done better if we have a full fledged adult ventilator.

Once more, requesting prayers and funds for the same.

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