Friday, August 9, 2013

Medical Camp, Panki

Couple of days back, we had a medical camp at Panki. One of the major strategies at NJH over the last decade has been networking with like-minded non-governmental agencies, churches and para-church organisations. 

The partners for today's medical camp was the Calvary Gospel Mission and the Wycliffe Bible Translators. 

Snaps from the event . . .

People waiting for their turn

Another snap of the camp site

Dr. Kumudh seeing a patient

Mr. Arun and nursing students dispensing the medicines

Ms. Meghala and Mrs. Julita helping out with registrations

It started to rain. And the people waited patiently

Another view of the crowds

The team getting ready to return to NJH

The statistics . . . we saw over 350 patients. A team of 12 staff including 2 doctors participated. 

We're quite interested in the diagnosis of patients who came to the camp. I shall put up more information in a later post.

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