Thursday, August 29, 2013

Second Hand Books

For quite a long time, I had heard about second hand books being sold on Sundays in Chandni Chowk area of Delhi. Last week, I had to visit Delhi for some official work. And I had to arrive on Sunday as we did not have trains later. 

Books in our house is a major thing for children. All three of them have somehow realized that reading books or appearing to read books is something very cool. Most of the days, the last thing we do before they go to sleep is to read a book. And the more books they have, the more they read. 

Now, the problem with children's books is that it is quite difficult to get them as good books are quite expensive and with the sort of our location, it is many a time difficult. 

I used to know a place in Nehru Place, Delhi which sells second hand children's books. Almost all of them were imported second hand books. The quality was quite good. And almost all of our books were acquired at this place. 

During my last 2 visits, I just could not make it to this place. 

This time, I was happy to have discovered this new place. However, I realized that my information was wrong. The second hand books were sold in Daryaganj and not in Chandni Chowk. 

It was a delight for my eyes as I brought quite a handful of Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh, Noddy and other hardbound child friendly second hand books. 

My colleagues who accompanied me also got some very good titles at throwaway prices. 

Therefore, for all those who have got into the habit of reading, a visit to Daryaganj on a Sunday afternoon is quite a profitable venture. 

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  1. My daughter is fond of the "when I go to preschool" one. It is interesting to me that they are all in English. Is that normal for children's books, or is it just the ones you took the picture of?