Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Joy in a puddle

During our childhood, one of the most enjoyable moments was the time when it rained and there were puddles all over the place. We used to play in the dirt and make paper boats and float them in these puddles. It was not difficult to identify with the dirty boy in those detergent advertisements.

Our children never had this opportunity. First of all, there was no opportunity in a place like NJH as there were hardly any rains and no place for puddles to form. That was till last week . . .

It was quite a pleasant surprise that we found a puddle in front of our home. The truck which came to bore a well had made a huge ditch after one of the tyres got stuck in the mud. It rained the whole night yesterday and therefore the water had collected in this small ditch.

Enough water for us to make couple of boats and put it to sail.

After about half an hour, I had to pull out all the three kids from the fun. 

The next day, I found all three of them going and checking out the ditch for water. Unfortunately, it was empty and it has not rained since. 


  1. Nice picture, they are having fun.
    As a child, i use to play in the rain. It was such a fun.
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