Saturday, August 10, 2013

Village Visit - Latehar District (1)

Last week, we had a supervisory visit to Latehar district as part of the Community Based Rehabilitation of the Disabled. The scenery of the villages we visited was awesome. Few snaps from the visit. 

I had real difficulty in selected the best snaps . . .

A river through which we had to wade across.

Sr. Banosa, Rachel, Sunita along with villagers walking back

The stunning snaps of the rice fields. The hills of Mahuadand are in the background.

A small lake which we saw on the way . . .

Snap through the windshield of the jeep. 

Rice grown by the Systemic Rice Intensification method. 

The visits included long walks through such paths . . .

A snap which I got on the drive back . . .
Amazing . . . isn't it? 

The snaps are quite evident of how beautiful the place is.