Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ragi Chilka Roti

This is another type of flatbread which is can also be made with wheat and rice. This used to be common food stuff in rural Indian homes in North India.

   Ragi flour (madwa atta): 2 cups
   Sugar: To taste
   Salt: To taste
   Lukewarm water: 2 cups
   Oil/Clarified butter: 1 tsp spoon per roti


Mix ragi flour, sugar and salt

Gradually add the lukewarm water to make a thin batter. This should only be just watery to flow without sticking.

Heat the griddle in medium flame. After smearing the griddle with about a teaspoon of oil/butter, pour one ladle of batter to the middle of the pan and spread in a circular motion to form a 8 inch roti.

Cover the roti with a vessel for couple of minutes. Then, turn it over and heat the other side too.

Your madwa chilka roti is ready.

The chilka roti can also be made with mixture of rice/wheat flour and ragi in varying proportions. 


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