Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Experience with RSBY (4)

Yesterday, a RSBY card holder had come with labour pains. However, over the day, her pains subsided and we did not do anything active as she had one more week for her baby to deliver. So, with a diagnosis of 'False Labour Pains' we discharged her today and asked her to come back next week. 

Then, we realised that we had blocked - 'Normal Delivery' for her in the computer yesterday. So, we got it unblocked today. Now, we had to get some funds for the admission as there was a component of care involved. Therefore, I put her 2 days of 'General Medical Ward' care. And I discharged her today. That is when we realised that the computer recognised only 1 day of admission as we put in 'General Ward' care only today. And yesterday was not being recognised. 

So, we realised that it would be good for us to put all patients on 'General Ward' care as soon as they are admitted and then decide on a proper diagnosis later. I'm sure that this is going to true for patients who could come in with 'False Labour Pains'. This could also be true for patients whom we admit for observation and take a decision to operate at a later date. 

I look forward for comments from the experts. I may have come to conclusions too soon or I may be even wrong.

Regarding MD, we recieved a prompt reply from the concerned insurance provider. They have asked us to block her for the time being under FP01100045 - Debridement & Closure - Major - 5000, which is inclusive of 3 days expenses, followed by 7 days for medical management blocking. They promised to look into it after 7 days on what more needs to be done. 

That was when we discovered a flaw in the software which was installed here. It seems that when we blocked for 'General Medical Ward', it looked as if we had to do it each day. Later, after we phoned the software facilitator at Daltonganj, they informed us that it was a software error and when we opt for 'General Medical Ward' it should prompt us for the number of days of treatment. The error was rectified online in no time and we were able to put in the number of days. We're thankful that we've been having good internet connections for the last 3 days . . . 

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