Monday, March 19, 2012

Images from NJH . . .

An assorted group of images from NJH over the last couple of weeks . . .

RKS's hand after skin graft

The palmar aspect of RKS's hand. We would be able to do a better job next time as we have acquired a skin mesher.

Diabetes was not a problem till about 3-4 years back. Now, we get bad diabetic foots like this.

A raspberry tumor

A truck which smashed into a tree near the hospital.
But, below is the snap of what he did before he crashed into the tree.

The pillion rider, a lady lost her life. The bike rider was lucky to escape with not much injury. 

The new RSBY counter in the outpatient department of the hospital

Thermospots, an innovation from TALC being used at NJH thanks to Wendy and Jerry

Snap of an Intra Uterine Death where the umblical cord made a true knot around the leg

A limbs of a langur monkey and her kid through the window of the Neonatal ICU

An ovarian tumour found during a routine Cesarian Section

X-Ray of a man with tuberculosis. Quite a common sight in NJH

Agrarian injury. It is quite common for such incidents in our community.
This child walked into a threshing fan and was lucky to have escaped with only this. 
Branchial sinus. Nandamani did a successful surgery for this. . . 

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