Sunday, March 25, 2012

Prayer Bulletin . . . 24th March, 2012

1. Today is a bandh (general strike) in this region. It is the 57th bandh of this financial year. A bandh does quite a lot of damage to the state. Kindly pray that there will be a change in the social milieu of this region where people will be able to live peacefully and without hitches. I hear that before the end of this month, there will be 2 more bandhs.

2. We have a young boy of about 4 years admitted today evening. We strongly suspect if it is an index case of viral encephalitis which was quite common last year. He is totally unconscious. We have started him on antibiotics and anti-viral drugs. He's made some improvement. Please pray that he makes a complete recovery.

3. Last week, we’ve had quite a number of visitors. We thank the Lord that everything went smoothly. There were no bandhs during their period of visit, the trains were all on time, nobody fell sick, the weather was good . . . lots of things to be thankful about.

4. As expected, after the implementation of RSBY in the hospital, there has been a steady increase in the patients. Any day we would be breaking through the magic 200 outpatient barrier. We thank the Lord that we are becoming more accessible to the poor. Till date, there have been about 80 outpatients and 25 inpatients treated under RSBY. I've not been able to post about many very sick patients including maternal near misses we've had over the last month. We thank the Lord for all the patients. 

5. We thank the Lord for journey mercies for all of our staff who were travelling. Especially Dr Titus, who was at Herbertpur for the Medicine CME.

6. The burns unit construction is on steady progress. Kindly continue to pray for the needs as well as speedy progress of the work.

7. We are delighted to have facilitated a workshop on Advocacy last week at Ranchi. We thank the Lord for the work happening through Mr. Mark Delaney. We’ve formed a forum for furthering this endeavour. Kindly pray that the Lord will use us to minister to the poor and the marginalised through this.

8. We are coming to the end of this financial year. We thank the Lord for the all the progress and learning we had. Kindly pray that the Lord will give us discernment to evaluate well on how we fared and on how we should go ahead.

9. Summer has already arrived. It is quite hot and we depend on the Lord for seeing us through the harsh weather especially with regard to availability of water until rains come. Kindly pray for the health of all staff during the very hot summer.

10. We’ve 3 staff expecting babies within the next month. Kindly pray for each of them – Sr. Chandrakala, Sr. Kanchan and Dr Angeline. We thank the Lord that one of our staff kids was saved miraculously from a possible serious burn injury. Boiling milk fell on Anush, 2 years old, daughter of Sr. Deepti and she escaped with about 3% of scalding of the chest. It could have been worse.

11. The NH 75 which connects us to Ranchi and Daltonganj is in quite a bad shape. In addition, we had been having accidents on a regular basis. Over the last week, 2 people lost their lives. Kindly pray that the road repair work would progress fast and we would have good roads at the earliest.

12. We thank the Lord for the installation of fire fighting equipment in the hospital early this month. Kindly pray that we would never be able to use it.

13. We thank the Lord for the smooth functioning of the neonatal unit. We already feel the pressure of a high rate of admission. We need a full time paediatrician in addition at least couple of warmers and phototherapy units.

14. We continue to be on the look out for a physician and an additional surgeon. There are vacancies for at least 2 more BSc nurses and 4 GNM nurses for the smooth functioning of the unit. EHA plans to present North Indian mission is a Church Camp at Kothamangalam, Kerala during the Passion Week. Kindly pray for Dr Sam David who will be giving the challenge to the believers attending the camp towards outreach missions in North India. Kindly pray that the Lord will move the hearts of committed young men and women to respond to the needs of the places like ours.

15. Dr. Nandamani is on his way to Vellore for attending a worshop on Secondary Hospital Posting for MBBS Students from CMC, Vellore. Kindly pray for his travel as well for each of the students who would be visiting us in the last week of April.

16. Today is World TB Day. TB patients make a major chunk of our clinical work. Incidentally over the last 2 weeks we had 7 patients for whom we had to put a chest tube. Please pray for the work we do is a source of hope for each tuberculosis patient who comes to us. Dr Johnson leads the TB work at NJH along with Mr. Manohar, Mr. Sunil and Mrs Namitha.

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