Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fishing at NJH

As is the tradition at NJH since quite a long time, we started the process of fishing from the hospital pond last week. Below are the snaps from the whole exercise. 

A golden carp

Casting the net . . .

An odd shaped face . . .

The booty being brought for distribution

130 kilograms of fish

The distribution going on in full swing
Every family received 1.5 kilograms of fish at a subsidized cost. And none was wasted. We wait for the next round of fishing next Saturday. 


  1. absolute wonder .. fishing is so much fun .. only when you have them coming in about 15 mins max .. hehehe.. the orange fish looks sweet .. hopefully thats not for consumption !! I mean I am a veggi hence .. you know.. hehehe Nice post!! :)

  2. Interesting post indeed..... Fishing is so much fun which I used to experience in my childhood days in able guidance of my uncle... Now I miss this sport in urban world...