Thursday, May 23, 2013

What a place ? ? ?

It is not more than 5 months since I put up the snaps of a very cold winter in NJH. I even had a snap taken of the temperature measured on that day . . . January 8, 2013. 

But, today was a totally different day. The temperature was so high that our thermometer was not enough to measure the temperature. I wonder if it was at least 55 degrees Celsius. 

Good for all people who are away on vacation. But, the better news is that we've been having good electricity supply since the last month. So, not an intolerable summer . . . so far. 

Of course, we would be happy to have some rains . . . Lord, please send us showers of blessings . . . 

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  1. It might be good idea to setup your own weather station

    Air temperature is measured in a shaded enclosure (most often a Stevenson Screen) at a height of approximately 1.2 m above the ground. You might require additional equipment

    Maximum and minimum temperatures for the previous 24 hours are nominally recorded at 9 am local clock time.