Saturday, May 18, 2013

Praise and Prayer Bulletin, May 2013

Below are our praise and prayer points for the month. 

1. Dr. Roshine Mary Koshy, our new Internal Medicine consultant has passed her MD exams. We praise the Lord. And we request prayers as she makes the transition to NJH.

2. I was away for about 2 weeks. I thank Lord for the leadership given by Ms. Meghala and Dr. Shishir in my absence.

3. Please pray for Dr. Titus and Dr. Grace who’ll be getting married on May 20th and Mr. Dinesh and Sr. Priscilla who gets married on May 30th.

4. We are in the process of consolidating the achievements of the previous years. We thank the Lord that the auditing went about without much hitches.

5. We continue to remain empanelled under RSBY. However, there are major issues with compensations which is a major deterrant for the smooth functioning of the program. Please pray that all problems will be ironed out.

6. Drs. Nandamani and Ango plan to be with us at NJH from the 22nd June to 2nd July. Please pray for their travel and other arrangements.

7. There is a small window period in the first 2 weeks of June, when we are going to be really short of doctors. Kindly pray for this time. Please encourage doctors who can help out to contact us.

8. At EHA, we’ve making an effort to remind ourselves that we are primarily here as spiritual leaders. At NJH too, we are well aware of the need for us to lean more on the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We request you for prayers that we will grow in the Lord, our fellowship will be an offering of sweet fragrance to the Lord and we will be a blessing to each person whom we deal with, staff and patient.

9. Quite  a lot of our staff are on summer holidays. Kindly pray that they would have a good time of rest and refreshment. Do uphold the team who’s taking the extra burden in the absence of the staff.

10. There is need for more staff in the Community Health Projects. Kindly pray for the need.

11. We continue to dream about the presence of a Pediatrician, Surgeon, Orthopaedician and an Anesthetist in our team. Please pray. Specialists become all the more necessary because of laws like the Clinical Establishment Act and the continuing danger of litigations in this era.

12. We’re into a major phase of investing into our Hospital Information System. Kindly pray for Mr. Jonathan who’s giving the leadership. There is a need for quite a lot of funds. 

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